Humidity Indicator Desiccator Plug
  • Humidity Indicator Desiccator Plug

Humidity Indicator Desiccator Plug

Humidity Indicator Desiccator Plug also called "humidity indicator plug desiccator" combined moisture absorb and humidity indicator functions. They are designed to be used as specialized equipment in various industries, especially in environments where controlling and monitoring humidity levels is crucial.

Product Description


Humidity Indicator Desiccator Plug





Humidity Control: The desiccator part of the device is designed to absorb moisture from the surrounding environment within a sealed container or chamber. This helps in maintaining a low-humidity or moisture-free environment, which is essential for the storage and preservation of sensitive products like electronic components, pharmaceuticals, and aerospace equipment.

Humidity Indication: The humidity indicator plug integrates a visual indication system, usually involving a color-changing element, to display the current humidity level. This feature allows for easy monitoring of the internal humidity conditions without opening the container or chamber.



Electronics and Semiconductors: Protects sensitive electronic components from moisture-induced damage during storage and transit.
Aerospace and Defense: Used in the storage of aerospace equipment and components to prevent corrosion and other moisture-related issues.
Pharmaceuticals: Ensures the efficacy and longevity of moisture-sensitive drugs and medical devices.



Convenience: Provides a quick visual reference for humidity levels, enabling timely actions like desiccant replacement.
Protection: Helps in prolonging the life and maintaining the quality of moisture-sensitive goods.
Customization: These plugs can be tailored to specific needs, including varying absorption capacities and indicator scales.



Product Image


         Humidity Indicator Desiccator Plug



Replacement circle card options







LV01-123P YES 10,20,30 PIE IHM305
LV01-234P YES 20,30,40 PIE IHM301
LV01-2345S YES 20,30,40,50 CIRCLES IHM406
LV01-2345P YES 20,30,40,50 PIE IHM407
LV01-246P YES 20,40,60 PIE IHM311
LV01-345P YES 30,40,50 PIE IHM304
LV01-3456P YES 30,40,50,60 PIE IHM403
LV01-357P YES 30,50,70 PIE IHM350
LV01-456P YES 40,50,60 PIE IHM328
LV01-40 YES 40 WHOLE IHM103



Humidity Indicator Plug Applications


Radar instrument
Night vision instrument
Metal industry
Transport systems
Hydraulic system
Electronic devices


 Stainless Steel Humidity Indicator Plug for Equipment  Stainless Steel Humidity Indicator Plug for Equipment






Military Transit Used Aluminum Humidity Indicator Plug



Customized OEM/ODM Solutions


At ONESTEP, we recognize the diverse needs of businesses. Our humidity indicators are available to OEM partners. Customize products to match your brand's image and specifications, ensuring seamless integration into your existing product line.



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