Humidity Indicator Cards for the PCB Industry
  • Humidity Indicator Cards for the PCB Industry

Humidity Indicator Cards for the PCB Industry

ONESTEP PACKING manufactures a full line of Humidity Indicator Cards (HIC) which allows a low-cost method of indicating humidity conditions for various types of barrier packaging, including MIL Spec (MIL-I-8835) applications. The 30%, 40%, 50% HIC cards comply with MS 20003-2. The 60% card complies with JEDEC Standard 033D.

Product Description


Humidity Indicator Cards for the Printed Circuit Board Industry 



What are humidity indicator cards ?


Humidity Indicator Cards (HICs) are vital tools in the PCB industry, designed to monitor and display the relative humidity (RH) levels within packaging environments. These cards change color to visually indicate the current humidity level, helping to ensure that sensitive electronic components are protected from moisture


How Does Humidity Affect Printed Circuit Boards( PCBs) ?

Excess humidity can wreak havoc on PCBs, causing issues like corrosion, soldering defects, and reduced insulation resistance. This can lead to product failure and decreased reliability. Managing humidity levels is crucial to maintain the integrity and performance of PCBs.


Industry Packaging Standards for PCBs

The industry standards for PCB packaging typically include the use of moisture barrier bags, desiccants, and humidity indicator cards. This combination ensures a dry environment during shipping and storage, adhering to the IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033 standards for moisture-sensitive devices.



Detailed Information


Standard Item


Product Name

humidity indicator card for PCB

Product Number


Product Size


Indicating RH


Color Change

Blue to Pink

Standard Packaging

250 cards/can

Card Type



NOTE: The card has been impregnated with chemicals that may cause corrosion of some metals; therefore, ONESTEP recommends place the card in dry and cool condition without metal contact.



Product Image


Humidity Indicator Cards for the PCB Industry   Humidity Indicator Cards for the PCB Industry




Our Standard Packaging


Spot type

Spot type Specification (RH)

 Packing Quantity

 1 spot

8%, / 10%,/ 30%, / 40%, /50%

500pcs/can, 6000pcs/carton

3 spots

5-15%,/ 5-60%, / 10-30%, / 30-50%

250pcs/can, 3000pcs/ctn / 125pcs/can, 3125pcs/ctn

4 spots

10-40%,/ 20%-50%,/ 30%-60%

250pcs/can, 3000pcs/ctn

5 spots

10%-50%, / 20%-60%, / 30%-70%,/ 40%-80%


6 spots

10-60%,/ 20%-70%, /30%-80%

250pcs/can,3000pcs/ctn / 200pcs/can

Custom cards with custom printing, customer packing are available



Additional Application Industries

Electronics Manufacturing
Pharmaceutical Packaging
Aerospace Components
Optical and Photographic Equipment
Preservation of Artifacts and Collectibles






Military Transit Used Aluminum Humidity Indicator Plug



Customized OEM/ODM Solutions


At ONESTEP, we recognize the diverse needs of businesses. Our humidity indicators are available to OEM partners. Customize products to match your brand's image and specifications, ensuring seamless integration into your existing product line.



Looking For A Humidity Indicator Card Now !


As an industry leader in humidity control solutions for PCB manufacturers, we understand the critical nature of moisture management in your operations. Our range of Humidity Indicator Cards is designed to provide you with the confidence that your PCBs are protected against humidity at every stage of storage and transportation. Ensuring the integrity and longevity of your products, our solutions are your silent guardians in quality control.

Contact us today to safeguard your PCBs with the best in humidity monitoring technology.

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