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What is Humidity Indicator CardHumidity Indicator Card (HIC) is used to identify the specific humidity of the sealed package quickly, in order to confirm whether the humidity of the sealed package if it is according to the requirement of the packaging products. The Humidity Indicator Card will chang



Using Humidity Indicator Card for the packaging of Printed Circuit Board

According to standard SJ/T 10389, the packaging of Printed Circuit Board includes vacuum packaging, moisture-proof packaging and shock-proof packaging.



What are the Humidity Indicator?

Humidity indicator plugs work much like humidity indicator cards but can be screwed into the outside walls of sealed containers. Made of aluminum, brass or steel, they feature large,



Effective Ways of Moisture Sensitive Device Storage and Handling by Humidity Indicator Card and desiccant

In terms of surface mount device packages, any permeable packaging material, plastic or metal, absorbs moisture from the air. When the package is exposed to sudden high temperature



The application of Activated Clay Desiccant

Activated Clay Desiccant is a environment and granular hygroscopic substance that adsorb the moisture from atmosphere, hold particles of water to itself, and sustains a state of dryness in its vicinity.

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