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    One Step (Dongguan) Packing Material Co., Ltd




    Established in 2006, ONESTEP (Dongguan) Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. stands as a leading name in moisture control solutions. Situated in the thriving hub of Dongguan's industry, we've grown into a prominent manufacturer dedicated to researching, producing, and selling a widely range of of desiccant bags, humidity indicator cards, and humidity indicator plugs.




    At ONESTEP, we're your experts in tackling moisture challenges across industries. Our range covers a wide spectrum of meticulously crafted products, including silica gel desiccants, oxygen absorbers, calcium chloride desiccants, container desiccants, mineral desiccants, humidity indicator cards, cobalt-free humidity indicator cards, cobalt-free & halogen-free humidity indicator cards, cobalt dichloride-free humidity indicator cards, humidity indicator plugs, and moisture-proof cabinets. Whether it's safeguarding electronics' integrity or ensuring aerospace components stay dry, our custom moisture-proof packaging solutions keep your products safe and sound.


    One Step (Dongguan) Packing Material Co., Ltd




    Our advanced factory achieved full automation in 2018, reflecting our commitment to precision and efficiency. With ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification, along with RoHS, REACH, and DMF Free certifications for our products, we assure exceptional quality. Our deep technical expertise, especially in electronics, ensures solutions rooted in knowledge and experience. Opting for us means choosing unmatched industry know-how, stringent quality checks, and a partner dedicated to keeping your products moisture-free.




    Our team comprises dedicated professionals who bring ample industry experience and expertise. From R&D to customer support, each member contributes to our vision of excellence. Get to know the minds powering our innovation!




    Step into our modern manufacturing facility to witness our commitment to perfection. Our advanced processes and meticulous attention to detail form the basis of our product quality. With a proven track record of delivering quality, pricing, and timely deliveries, our factory underpins our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.


    Connect with us today and experience the ONESTEP difference. Let's turn challenges into opportunities, together!


    One Step (Dongguan) Packing Material Co., Ltd

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