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The harm of humidity to electronic components

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Most electronic products require operation and storage under dry conditions.According to statistics, more than 1/4 of the world's industrial manufacturing non-performing products and damp hazards.Damp damage has become one of the main factors affecting product quality.

Integrated circuit: Damp to the semiconductor industry is mainly manifested in moisture through the IC plastic packaging from the pin and other cracks inside IC, resulting in IC moisture absorption phenomenon.

Liquid crystal Devices: liquid crystal display and other liquid crystal devices glass substrate and polarizer, filter lenses in the production process, although to be cleaned and dried, but after its cooling will still be affected by moisture, reduce the product pass rate. Therefore, after cleaning and drying should be stored in the environment below $number RH.

Other electronic devices: capacitors, ceramic devices, connectors, switch parts, solder, PCB, crystal, silicon chip, adaptive oscillator, electrode material adhesives, electronic slurry, high-brightness devices, etc., will be affected by damp hazards.

So how do we manage the storage humidity of our products? Welcome to know more about the humidity indicator plug and cards to protect your product.

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