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Why you need use Humidity Indicator Card in printed circuit board?

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When moisture is too large in atmosphere, the moisture will turn into water droplet and fall into printed circuit board, the water droplet will be adsorbed in the part of printed circuit board. If printed circuit board is not on the work now, the damage will not be caused immediately. Because the water droplet is covered in the part of printed circuit board, the part will be rusted, and the printed circuit board will be under the risk of failure.

In some times later, when you use printed circuit board again, it will be in an electric circuit and can not be run. In order to avoid the deleterious effects of humidity in printed circuit board, you can put Humidity Indicator Card in the same package with printed circuit board together. It is easy to quantify relative humidity levels from Humidity Indicator Card directly, and protects printed circuit board from the deleterious effects of humidity.

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