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Desiccants, How to Best Use?

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Desiccants will only be effective when used in a closed moisture barrier package or a rigid, sealed container. This needs to be in a controlled environment to allow for optimal adsorption of the trapped vapors inside. If additional moisture from outside gets inside the packaging, then these moisture control products cannot guarantee the same results.

For optimum humidity control, it is best to use desiccants in conjunction with a Humidity indicator Card, which can be placed inside the package to monitor humidity levels. When the card shows a reaction, it is time to replace the desiccant.

There are various moisture control products, so it is important to pick the right desiccant. The type and quantity of desiccant will depend on the type of packaging being used and the volume of the container.

In general, the material of the desiccant can greatly impact its cost and absorption rate capacity. On the low end is Clay Moderate, with an absorption rate capacity by weight of 28%. Silica Gel Moderate offers medium capacity by weight at 38%, while Molecular Sieve Fast has a high absorption rate capacity by weight of 20%.

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