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Cobalt Free Humidity Indicator Card

Humidity indicator card (HIC) is a card on which a moisture-sensitive chemical is impregnated such that it will change color when the indicated relative humidity is exceeded in the sealed container.

An integral part of a complete moisture barrier packaging assembly is the Humidity Indicator card. High Relative humidity can cause significant ,possibly irreparable damage to sensitive equipment,supplies and products. To ensure dehydration measures work,humidity indicator cards measure the relative humidity(RH) inside sealed packages to allow immediate visual inspection of whether it has sustained unsafe humidity levels

1. HIC provides external monitoring of humidity levels inside containers and packages

2. The humidity indicator spots will change from blue(dry condition)to pink(humid condition)as the relative humiditychanges in the volume of air surrounding the indicator.

3. The humidity indicator spots are reversible, and the pink spots will change back to blue when the volume of air is dried.

4. The highest humidity indicator spot should be blue before being put into use.

5. The Temperature at 23°C ,when RH exceeded 5% of the indicator value, color spots are pink, if the RH is under the indicator value, color spots are blue.

6. Avoid the HICS directly contact with liquid water Or metal. 

1. Easy to use and low cost

2.Allows instant visual verification of product integrity

3.Detects changes in the humidity by using a colour change indicator paper

4.Accurately indicates humidity conditions in various types of barrier packaging

5.Complies with standards such as MIL-I-8835 and MIL-P-116 MTH II and JEDEC
6.Sensitive indicating element calibrated for permanent accuracy to ±5% of relative humidity

Widelyused in Printed Circuit Board,PCB,LED, SMD,IC,wooden toys, stuffed toys,electronic packaging,optical equipment,electronic equipment packaging,electronic products,optical components,military products,metal products,organic materials,synthetic material,protective packaging, moisture sensitivecomponents packing.

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